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TNT Hydro Blast V2 is the perfect all-in-one workout performance booster for fitness athletes.

Increase Training Intensity

Having more energy means you can train harder and longer in the gym.

Each single scoop will give you 187 mg of caffeine which is enough to give most athletes a smooth performance increase for their gym sessions.

Razor-sharp Focus

The mental focus blend ensures that you are not distracted during your workouts so that you get the most from your time spent in the gym.

Get In, Train Hard, Get Out

Shorter Recovery Times

As you train harder you will need to make sure that you recover properly from each session. The Recovery blend contains most of the ingredients known to improve recovery and prevent possible muscle loss due to inadequate recovery.

Testosterone Support

A unique aspect of this pre-workout are the ingredients contained in the Testosterone Performance Aid formula. Maintaining healthy testosterone levels are vital for male athletes looking to improve performance and lean muscle gain.


The TNT Hydro Blast V2 is a complete pre-workout for the fitness individual looking for a single performance boosting solution.

Whey Protein shake is the only other product we would recommend together with the Hydro Blast.

40 Servings

Most users should be able to get a great workout boost by using just a single scoop which means the product will last almost 2 months. A complete product at an affordable price.

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