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Ciccone Pharma HBCD is a rapidly absorbed, zero sugar performance carbohydrate.

Rapid Gastic Emptying

Gastic emptying is how fast contents ‘leave’ the stomach and intestines to be utilised by the muscles for fuel.

Simple carbohydrate like waxy maize, maltodextrin and dextrose have a higher molecular weight that reduce the rate of gastric emptying.

This results in the bloated feeling during exercise when a sports drink containing simple carbs is consumed.

Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin (HBCD) has a low molecular weight which causes the digestion to drastically increase and get to the muscle a lot faster with no bloat.

Efficient Nutrient Shuttling

HBCD has the unique characteristic that not only supports rapid post training recovery, but as a intra or pre it is also extremely efficient at shuttling the performance amino acids like creatine, bcaa, beta alanine to working muscle more efficiently and significantly faster.

The superior uptake and metabolic digestion related properties of Ciccone Pharma HBCD makes it s superior choice of carbohydrate for serious athletes wanting to improve nutrient uptake and facilitate high intensity workouts that require the rapid replenishment of muscle glycogen stores with no undesired bloat.


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