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TNT Black Mass is a weight and muscle gainer shake with added ingredients to boost workout performance.

Gain Lean Mass

Lifters and athletes make sure they eat enough calories to maintain or increase weight.

They do this by eating regular meals and supplementing with 1 or 2 mass gaining shakes.

Each serving of Black Mass provides 437 calories to start packing on size.

That’s the same as a chicken burger.

Perfect Meal Replacement Shake

The Sustained Release Carb Blend ensures athletes get a consistent supply of energy from carbohydrates while limiting any major insulin spikes which may cause excess body fat.

Vitamins and minerals have been added to give hard-training lifters additional nutrient support

Increase Muscle Size

Protein builds muscle. You get 40 grams of protein per serving which comes from Whey, Casein and Beef protein.

Save Money

At the time of this review each serving will cost R14.82. To get the same nutrition from a bought meal you would need to spend R50 – R60.

Boost Your Workouts

The Creatine Matrix blend will boost your workout performance by giving you more strength and endurance.

To help with even more muscle development various ingredients have been added to support natural testosterone production.

Quality Mass Gainer

TNT Black Mass is a quality mass gainer with a great blend of nutrients to increase weight and muscle at an affordable price.


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